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Sketchup for beginners

As a beginner 3D modeller, I looked at the house I was about to model and asked myself where I should start. Should I start with a wall or a floor? Should the wall be connected to the adjoining wall or to a floor? How granular should the building be? I struggled with these questions and the Sketchup books I had purchased didn’t answer these seemingly basic questions. That is why I decided to write The Nested Matrix.

I started writing the book with a specific reader in mind. That person was a self builder, someone who had no experience of building a house but wanted to be totally involved in the design of the house in addition to the building of it. As the book developed, I wanted it to be useful to more types of readers, such as builders, developers and architects; I introduced different types of residential structure. All the time, I was conscious that my reader might be totally new to Sketchup, a veritable beginner, and so I made sure that the early content gave a good grounding.

The book might be written for novice modellers but the fact that it introduces a new way of approaching Sketchup modelling, the Nested Matrix approach, means that it also provides value to those more experienced.

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