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Efficiency in your 3D modelling

Very few of us have the luxury of using Sketchup full-time in order to achieve the efficiencies commensurate with an innate knowledge of the application. Most of us use Sketchup as just one of many tools in our toolbox and we barely have time to think about the most efficient approach; our focus is usually on completing the job.

As with most self-taught skills, we tend to stick with what “works for us”. Once we have found an approach that delivers, albeit long-winded or difficult to roll-back, we are often reluctant to stray from our methodology. Invariably, sticking with what we know restricts our ability to become more efficient modellers. It takes mental strength, plus a modicum of spare time, to be willing to review our modelling approach. Often, it is triggered by the inability to achieve a certain outcome in a complex modelling project.

The modelling approach of the Nested Matrix has been designed to maximise efficiency. It is the same approach irrespective of the complexity or height of the building. The investment of a few hours in understanding the approach will be recouped many times over in your subsequent modelling projects.

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